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Preventing Electrical Repairs

Installations often are some of the most overlooked ways to add safety, value and comfort to your home. All installations should look as though they were installed when the home was built. Only a professional has the ability to do this. Whether you are installing new smoke detectors, replacing the panel box or getting that beautiful chandelier hung over the table Mister Sparky can help.

Electrical Maintenance

Ceiling fans provide a great deal of comfort, but installing a new or replacement ceiling fan can be difficult. That’s why Mister Sparky provides fast, affordable ceiling fan installation services.

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Interested in installing new indoor, outdoor, or security lighting? We can also save you money
on your energy bills in the process. Let us show you your options.

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Let Mister Sparky keep your household safe by preventing emergencies by having safety items installed by a certified electrician is a good idea. Accurate installations and annual inspections are of paramount when it comes to keeping your family safe.

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Surge Protection

Florida has been known to have aggressive lightning storms and to have them frequently. Most people think this is the only way you get electrical surges. This is not true; the most common electrical surge comes from the main electrical lines that connect to your home.

You get on average 10-20 surges per day. Surges cannot be prevented but Mister Sparky can help you to protect from them.

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Circuit Breakers

All of the wiring in your home is connected to the main breaker panel. Each circuit has its own circuit breaker. Your circuit breakers are designed to protect from a dangerous problem. The wire could potentially catch fire if the breaker doesn’t meet the minimum safety requirements.

The following items could create a catastrophe.

  • The wrong size breaker
  • An incorrect installation
  • The installation of the incorrect manufacturer
  • Illegal modifications to the breaker or panel box

There are breakers called ARC fault breakers that do more than just detect an overload or short. It will actually detect any small arcing that could lead to a fire. Homes built before 2005 may not have these installed. They were not required but have since been required due to the increase of safety. Always consult with a qualified licensed electrician on what your home would require to be the safest possible home.

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