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Mister Sparky electrician strives for 100% customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding customer service from our phone representatives and our electricians.

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Amazing Service! Brandon Hunt was great and I couldn’t ask for more. He was honest and loyal which means so much. He was able to be a person and give great service which was needed. Super impressed Brandon Bessemer
Great communication and excellent service Setting the appointment was efficient and well communicated. Technician(s) showed on time and clearly explained the work and the pricing was upfront. Will use again in the future! Chris Helena
👍Great service all around. Yamer was patient, and very thorough with all the details and explanations on all the service request my wife and I had. Thank you again for all your help. Gabe Homestead
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Home Safety Experts

Smoke Detectors

Make sure your smoke detectors meet code. Fires can get out of control before you are even aware that they have started. Carbon monoxide, an odorless, invisible gas, is even more nefarious–We can also equip you with up to date CO detectors.

Surge Protection

Your home electronics are vulnerable to surges. Whether it’s the cumulative effect of several small surges or a blowout from a lightning strike, you don’t have to deal with the trouble. Our surge protectors will keep you covered.

Code Compliance

There are so many ways your home may not meet the National Electrical Code (NEC). We can provide an inspection to check your home’s code compliance as well as provide the solutions.

Energy Efficiency Professionals

LED Lighting

LED lighting is popular for a good reason–It saves you money without sacrificing any brightness. We can install LED lights wherever you need them, inside or outside of your home.

Ceiling & Exhaust Fans

Replace your old ceiling and exhaust fans for a stylish, comfortable and energy efficient choice. We can also install attic ventilation fans for further energy efficiency.

Electrical Maintenance

Is your electrical system working the way it’s intended to? The only real way you can tell is by having a licensed electrician take a look at everything. If we spot any issues during an inspection, we have the expertise to resolve them.

Upgrade Consultants

Home Generators

When a big storm moves through, are you prepared for a night without air conditioning, refrigerated food or a hot shower? Even if you are, why would you want to be? You have the option to live in comfort 24/7 with a whole home or portable generator.

Electrical Panels

If you’re still dependent on a fuse box or old electrical panel, your home may be at risk of fire. Get an upgrade to protect your family, and enjoy the extra power available for newer and/or bigger electronics.

GFCI Outlets

A GFCI outlet protects you from serious electrical shocks, and it can save your life. Make sure your outlets in high risk areas like your kitchen or bathroom are upgraded to GFCIs.

Workmanship 480x480

Providing Quality Workmanship

Our team of electricians are all certified and take continuing education training to be up to date on all electrical codes and practices. In fact, just a few who apply at Mister Sparky will pass our testing and qualification standards.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Truly a 24/7 Company
  • Straightforward Pricing – Know the cost before the work is performed
  • Most Jobs Same Day
  • Fully Stocked Trucks – Over 3,500 parts on hand
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Electrical Repairs

From getting a new light installed or adding a new outlet to a place you wish there was one to repairing that outlet that keeps giving you trouble, Mister Sparky is the electrician you have been looking for.

Our team of electricians are certified and up-to-date on all electrical codes and practices. They attend seminars and continuing education classes regularly.

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