Feel Comfortable In Your Home’s Bath

Like hot showers, but hate the steam clouding up your bathroom afterwards? A bathroom exhaust fan installation is exactly what you need for your Florida home. These fans not only make your after-shower bathroom experience more comfortable, they also help eliminate the moisture that can propel mold growth

Get your exhaust fan installation done right by the electricians at Mister Sparky.

There are different types of Bathroom exhaust fans:

  • Bath Fan/Light Combo – These units have lights installed, which can be made to be a dimmer switch or motion sensor by style choice.
  • Bath Fan/Light/Heater – Rather than remove air, these blows air across a small heater or a heat lamp to warm the bathroom up. It takes away that post shower chill.

There are also different ratings that should be considered:

  • CFM – The amount of air being moved. It is calculated by length X width X height X volume of your bathroom. The exhaust fan must be powerful enough to circulate air correctly in your bathroom.

  • Sones – The noise level it makes when operating. A quiet bathroom fan will have a rating of 1.5 or less.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation For Your Home

If you’re concerned about your bathroom’s moisture levels, get Mister Sparky on the job! We can provide you with a safe, reliable installation.

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