Electrical Panel Upgrades

It can be intimidating to even examine your existing circuit breaker or fuse box. It is potentially dangerous, confusing and frankly, no one has time to interrupt their busy day to learn about it. So it can be a pretty stressful when you experience burning smells, odd noises or breakers that keep tripping.

Mister Sparky can tell you if you need an electrical panel upgrade and provide one for your–from Southwest to Southeast Florida.

Electrical Panel Installation

Mister Sparky offers:

  • Circuit Breaker Replacement
  • Fuse Box Upgrade
  • Circuit Breaker Restoration

Mister Sparky uses the safest industry practices so that your electrical panel upgrade keeps your family protected.

A Guide to the Right Service

  • Fuse Box Replacement vs Upgrade – If you have a fuse box, whether or not it is acting up, we strongly recommend an upgrade. This is because fuse boxes just weren’t made to accommodate all the appliances we now use daily.

  • Circuit Breaker Restoration vs Upgrade – Your old circuit breaker might still be salvageable. It takes a professional assessment from an electrician to determine your best option.

Whatever service you need, you can relax while Mister Sparky gets your home back up and running.

Panels to Avoid

We want to ensure you have great products as well as great service. Mister Sparky takes care to avoid these types of electrical panels that could cause an inconvenience or hazard:

  • Federal Pacific Electric brand panels
  • Certain Zinsco brand panels
  • Old panels that may not function as they were intended to anymore

Accommodate Your Electrical Panel Demands

Let Mister Sparky address the heart of your home’s electrical system. We’ll take care of your fuse box or malfunctioning electrical panel as fast as we can without sacrificing your family’s safety.

If you need an electrical panel upgrade, call Mister Sparky at (844) 211-1377. Our friendly, experienced electricians are at your service.

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