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Lights flickering? Broken circuit? Fixing your electrical issues yourself could cause more problems. When you need fast, expert electrical repair in Southwestern or Southeastern Florida, Mister Sparky is the one to call for thorough, friendly service.

Electrical systems are the most intricate systems in your home. All of the wiring in your home is installed to work together to ensure that when you need safe and reliable power it delivers.However, when the electrical system fails, it can create dangerous situations.

Your wiring usually goes something like this:

  • The meter box is designed to supply power to the main panel.

  • The main panel has breakers to ensure the wiring stays protected from being pushed beyond its limits.

  • The wiring in the home connects all of the switches and outlets to the main panel.

Mister Sparky Tech Testing Light Switch Voltage 2

Because everything is so interconnected, it is important to get seemingly minor problems looked at by an electrician who can look at the system as a whole.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time for an electrical repair:

  • Circuit breakers trip frequently

  • Outlets and/or switches don’t work

  • Sparks fly when you plug in appliances

  • Burning smell from outlets

That is where Mister Sparky can help. Not only can we make safe repairs by the book, but we are also familiar with every aspect of wiring in your home.

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