Ensure Your Home’s Electrical Systems Are Safe

A perfectly functioning electrical system provides convenience and comfort to your Southwestern or Southeastern Florida home. But an unsafe electrical system can be hazardous! That’s why you need an electrical safety and maintenance check from Mister Sparky.

We offer a few different services to optimize your home’s electrical system, including:

Mister Sparky Tech Testing Light Switch Voltage

Satisfy the NEC

The NEC is the National Electrical Code. It is the minimum safety standard for all electrical installations and repairs.

The NEC’s mission is to provide practical safeguards from the hazards that arise from using electricity. The NEC is also:

  • The most widely adopted safety code in the United States and the world

  • The benchmark for safe electrical installations

  • An evolving document, developed through an open consensus process

  • Updated every three years.

Mister Sparky is always up-to-date on the latest code requirements. We also go above and beyond with our home comfort collection, a maintenance agreement to regularly check your system.


Most things in your electrical system are built to last for a long time. The life cycle of anything in the electrical system is dependent upon 2 things:

  • The quality of the product that is installed
  • The quality of the installation (Not all electricians make quality installations)

It is important to have your electrical system maintained to ensure it is operating safely and there are no potential dangers or expensive repairs lurking in the wall.

The wiring in the home can heat up, and when this happens, the wiring expands. After it cools off, it contracts. This causes loose connections. In the electrical system, loose connections lead to dangerous situations and costly repairs.

With an annual maintenance, you can head off the problem before it catches you by surprise.

Optimize Your Electrical Safety Now

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