Generator Repair

A generator is nothing to be intimidated by, whether yours is a portable one or whole-home. If you’re paying attention to the signs of repair, you’re doing the right thing. Ignoring the signs could leave you completely unprepared for your next power outage! Rest easy, because Mister Sparky is a top generator repair service in Southwestern & Southeastern Florida. If we installed it, we can repair it.

Signs Your Generator Needs a Repair

Once in a while, it’s a good idea to test your portable or whole-home generator by shutting off your main breaker. However, most modern generators do self-tests. If you are experiencing these problems, it is time to call an electrician:

First Check who installed your generator or transfer switch. If it was Mister Sparky, call us and we will be there to fix it ASAP. If it was someone else, contact the manufacturer for a professional license to work on your model.

  • Alarm – A self-testing generator will sound an alarm that a repair needs to be done.
  • Leaks – If your generator is older and you spot an odd puddle underneath, it likely has a leak.
  • Delay in Startup (Or No Startup) – The engine could be drained, or the battery could be dying. Either way, it’s important to get checked out.

Also, if you suspect your generator is going through fuel faster than it used to, you may benefit from a repair or replacement. If we can save you a bit of money by repairing it first, we will.

Your Generator Repair Service

Whether you’re experiencing little or no power from your generator, flashing warning lights or any other problem, Mister Sparky can ensure that your unit will be repaired fast. We can give you that sense of security in the middle of a chaotic outage.

Get in touch with a helpful electrician at (844) 211-1377. Need service now? Want to set an appointment? We can do what’s best for your schedule.

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