GFCI Outlet Installation

GFCI Outlet Installation is a safety must for your Florida residence. No other type of outlet can protect you from shock the way that a GFCI one does.

Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) circuit breakers/outlets cut power to the circuit when they are tripped by an overload of current or when a short circuit or a line-to-ground fault occurs.

What does this mean for your home? It means that when an electrical surge goes through your house, it won’t hurt you.

Outlet Installation And Replacement

GFCIs Save Lives

Imagine this. A bare wire inside an appliance, such as a hairdryer, touches its metal case. The hairdryer is then charged with electricity. You grab it with one hand while another part of your body is touching a grounded metal object, such as a water faucet.

If the appliance is plugged into an outlet protected by a GFCI, the power will be shut off before a fatal shock can occur. That little outlet just saved your life.

GFCIs Save Lives

All GFCI breakers have test buttons on the front. If you push the test button and the other button does not pop out, it is not working properly and needs a replacement.

GFCI circuits and receptacles should be installed as recommended by the National Electrical Code (NEC). They are required in certain areas of the house, but Mister Sparky recommends installation in every part of the house your family occupies.

How Do GCFI Outlets Work?

A GFCI constantly monitors current flowing through a circuit. If there is even a small disparity, the GFCI interrupts power faster than a blink of an eye to prevent a lethal dose of electricity. GFCIs are designed to operate before the electricity can affect your heartbeat.

Install GFCI Outlets in Your Home

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