LED Lighting

LED lighting is the choice for those considering energy-saving options. If your current lighting just isn’t doing the trick or you’re enhancing your home further, an LED light will not disappoint you. Plus, Mister Sparky can can install LED lights quickly and virtually anywhere. Ceiling? Done. Under counter? Taken care of. Outside? Not a problem.

Mister Sparky specializes in new and replacement LED lighting in and around Fort Myers, Miami, Pompano, Sarasota and Tampa

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How Do LED Lights Save Energy?

LED lights produce bright light that is comparable to incandescent lighting–but at a fraction of the cost.

An incandescent light has a filament wire heated so highly that it glows. This is the traditional light bulb that is still widely used. An LED light (a light-emitting diode light) actually turns electrons into light, which uses less energy and produces less heat.

LED Lighting Locations

Our team can provide you with lighting options for:

  • Interior spaces
  • Exterior spaces
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • And more

LED Lighting Installation

Our team is happy to meet with you to discuss placement options and ensure that all lights are properly wired to your home’s electrical system. You can also ask the Mister Sparky team to show you real examples of how you can make your home a one of a kind showpiece using the latest in LED lighting.

LED Lighting Repair

If you ever have a problem with your existing LED lighting, Mister Sparky can make your repairs fast. Whether you’re experiencing a problem with a single light or an entire section of your home, our electrical repair technicians will be able to accurately identify the problem using the latest in diagnostic tools.

We stock our service vehicles with hundreds of common parts, so our electricians can usually make repairs on the first visit!

Let Mister Sparky Bring You LED Lighting

If you’re looking for an energy efficient lighting solution, contact Mister Sparky to learn about our LED lighting products at (844) 211-1377.

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