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Installing an outlet is an easy project, but it needs some consideration. It is definitely not a DIY project and requires a licensed electrician. Plus, between everything that you have to do from sunrise to sunset, let. Mister Sparky worry about your outlet installation.

Outlet Installation And Replacement

When Should an Existing Outlet Be Replaced?

It’s a good idea to replace an outlet if:

  • It isn’t GFCI (code standard)
  • Plugs are loose or won’t stay in
  • It sparks or makes noise when inserting or removing a plug
  • The plate feels hot
  • Your CGFI cannot be reset or isn’t tripping properly

Almost no one tests their Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets, but doing so saves lives. One button says “test”, and one button says “reset”. About once a month, push “test”. “Reset” should pop out, and the power to the outlet should shut off. Push “reset” to go back to normal. If the buttons aren’t working, it needs a replacement.

Fun fact: The “reset” button is not being pushed out by a mechanical force from your finger! The button popping out is a quick response to electricity.

Where Can I Have a New Outlet Installed?

According to electrical code requirements, you are required to have an outlet located at particular intervals in your home. Aside from that, if you have a need for an outlet closer to a certain spot in your home, Mister Sparky electricians can help you decide on the location of and install a new outlet for you.

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