A Quick Solution When Florida’s Power Fails

A portable generator is a very affordable alternative to a whole-home generator. And it’s also, well, portable. You can easily move it in and out of storage, and it’s a neat thing to have on a camping trip so that you can have the convenience of modern appliances.

Portable Generator

Choosing Portable Generators

Portable generators have come a long way. They are more reliable, run for longer and are safer than ever. They boast a few new features, so it is important to keep an eye out for what you can really get out of a generator. Here are factors to consider:

  • Run Time – Run time usually varies from around 7 to 14 hours on a full tank. It is recommended to have a rest of at least a couple hours if you have to refill and run it for longer. Be mindful of oil, which it will consume relatively quickly.
  • Safety – Should you forget oil or something becomes unsafe in the wiring or engine, there should be features that automatically shut the generator off.
  • Ignition – Many generators have the convenience of pressing a button to start the generator, but this requires a battery. Should the battery die, there should also be a backup pull ignition.
  • Fuel Gauge – It is important to have a very clear indication of when the gas is getting low.
  • Warranty – Any electric company worth it’s salt should offer warranties on generators. Nothing can predict certain manufacturer errors.

Now that you know a few things to look out for in a generator, there is one more important thing related to warranty.

A portable generator that is off-brand or from an unreliable retailer will never be a good buy. There might be no warranty and your generator will be unreliable, leaving you several bucks short and in the dark.

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