Under Cabinet Lighting

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the home, so it’s a great place to invest in a little pizzaz. Additionally, existing lighting in the kitchen is often unsatisfactory due to a lack of light or light in the wrong area. Inadequate lighting can also make chopping food on your countertop plain inconveniencing.

Let Mister Sparky make your kitchen an amazing experience with under cabinet lighting.

Mister Sparky Under Cabinet Lighting

Under counter Lighting Installation

Selecting options when having under counter lighting installed takes a bit of consideration. There are many choices when it comes to under counter lighting, for example:

  • Type of Fixture – You can choose individual lights or strips of lights, small space-saving lights or larger, decorative lights.
  • Type of Bulb – Choose fluorescent, xenon or LED to control energy usage and amount of light you get.
  • Color of Light – Warm lights tend to be more relaxing and ambient while cool lights are used for brighter, energizing effects.
  • Lighting Systems for Add-Ons – Need speakers, outlets, docking stations or more for your kitchen? Consider having it done all in one project.

Have Mister Sparky take the hassle out by understanding what you are trying to accomplish or just by having us to show you your options.

Under counter Lighting Repair

It is always that light you need most that gives you trouble. Whether it is making noises, blowing bulbs or it just quit working, Mister Sparky can help.

Create the Effect You Want With Mister Sparky

Our electricians can help make your kitchen goals come alive with under cabinet lighting. Everything will be safe, secure and built to last.

For lighting installation and repairs, give us a call at (844) 211-1377 and get prompt and reliable service.

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