Whole Home Generator Installation

Picture this. A storm hits Southwestern or Southeastern Florida. You’re relaxing in your home, when suddenly, you hear a loud bang as a transformer explodes. You casually turn on your microwave then begin watching your TV program, completely unfazed.

Power may have gone down in your neighborhood, but it hasn’t in your home. A whole-home generator just saved your evening.

Whole Home Generator

Why a Whole Home Generator?

Whole home generators are more powerful than portable generators, enabling your home to run multiple functions during a power outage with no problem.

What Size Generator Should I Get?

First, you must think about the appliances you need running during a storm. You could get the most powerful generator and be covered, but you could also save money if you want to avoid using certain appliances. Consider your:

  • TV – Could you live without it? Is it a must to pass the time?
  • AC – It gets hot around here. Do you have pets, children?
  • Sump Pump – If there is extreme weather, your sump pump may be hard at work.
  • Refrigerator – This is usually not an option to prevent spoiled food.
  • Computer – Is it optional? Do you work from home?

Mister Sparky can help you decide how much power your house needs to run the way you want it to and what size generator is appropriate.

Propane or Natural Gas?

If you have a natural gas line, a generator can be connected to it. You won’t have to change or store fuel this way. A Mister Sparky electrician can help assess if your current meter can handle it. However, natural gas may be unavailable in the event of a natural disaster, so to be extra safe you can choose propane.

Propane is a fuel source that you will have to keep stocked and be mindful of its flammable properties. Even though it is a little pricier, it has a long shelf life.

Equip Your Family With a Whole Home Generator

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